Blade Waltz, New Action RPG Available For iOS and Android

Blade Waltz Key Art

Netmarble Games Corp., the fastest-growing mobile game company in Asia, announced that Blade Waltz, the company’s latest mobile title, is now available for iOS and Android devices in 153 countries and in 16 different languages*. Pulling players into the world of the Elems, Blade Waltz’s immersive storyline combines stunning visual graphics for an action RPG experience never before seen on mobile devices. Players can customize characters’ costumes while selecting a variety of 3D customs in distinctive themes based on SciFi, Fantasy, and Anime. With stunning characters, challenging modes such as PvP, Boss Raids, Material Dungeons, and Tag Team Battles. Blade Waltz promises to deliver nonstop action.

“We’d like to thank all of our fans who have been anticipating the release of Blade Waltz,” said Seungwon Lee, President of Overseas, at Netmarble Games. “We’re extremely excited to finally bring Blade Waltz to the Western audience and hope that its unique action RPG battle style and lore appeals to new players everywhere.”

Players can take control of three different characters:
·         Starfell, a strong swordsman: Starfell descends from the line of Half Elems and is on a quest to avenge his parents.
·         Gordon, daring and damaging: Gordon is infamous for delivering whooping damage with heavy mechanic armor and weaponry
·         Ellie, the bounty hunter: Ellie fully transformed into a human and is now living as a bounty hunter.She wields dual pistols as her weapon of choice.

Each character in Blade Waltz features deep customization, including full 3D costumes, each with signature themes and options to mix and match. Together, these characters embark on an unforgettable quest to defeat the evil leader of the Vellfores, Lupinus.

Blade Waltz’s true highlight is the tag team battle mode, in which players can tag team among the three key characters and switch their weapons in the midst of strategic combat. Endless adventures await players as full 3D costume set to unique and distinctive themes are available for each character.

Developed by Polygon Games Co.,Ltd, Blade Waltz is available free-to-download, with in-game purchase options on the App Store and Google Play.

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