HeroCraft Z Launches on iTunes and Google Play

The Real-time action-packed HeroCraft Z is “A Breakthrough out of Grids & Turns”

Hong Kong – Game Publisher NGames is excited to announce that they are going to launch one of their latest mobile game title: HeroCraft Z, the English version for one of the most acclaimed mobile games in Chinese community.
Starting from 8pm PST on May 11, 2015, this game will be available via both Google Play and iTunes.

For those of you looking forward to add a new game to your devices, here are some reasons why the game is worth trying:

Real-time battles powered by Unity3D engine
The game offers smooth game sessions with Stunning Graphics. The developers effectively took advantage of the engine and made a good combination of ACT elements with RPG Genre. It looks like they are trying to recreate MMORPG experience on mobile devices, and guess what, they did it.

Gather and build up your adventuring party
There are 50+ collectable companions in the game, each one packed with 3 or 4 unique abilities. Trying out new settings or combinations will greatly affect player’s strength. And applying new tactics against different enemies is very important later in the game. So it is wise to have some smart combos up your sleeves.

Prove yourself a winner in multiple game modes
The game offers mixed server for Android and iOS players without any regional separation. Players will have to face down challenges from a global players’ community. Also, Players will have options for other interactions.
Co-op and PVP features offer solid rewards to inspire players to make friends as well as “enemies” in the game.

The game supports smooth controlling with mobile devices. Players can give moving or attacking orders simply by taping locations or targets. It is very easy to learn and there is large space for advanced techniques.

For more information on the game, players can visit:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HeroCraftZEN
Official website: http://herocraftz.ngames.com/
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.ngames.herocraftz

NGames was founded in New York in August, 2006 and moved to China in August, 2008. With its headquarter located in Hong Kong, it has several subsidiaries in Hangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Los Angeles. With the aim of building world’s largest flash game platform filled and the largest English anime game plat form, NGames has become the biggest partner of Google Hong Kong and a pioneer that promotes Chinese cultural to the world. From 2008 till now, NGames has developed and published over 30 products, with more than 50,000,000 users covering North America, Europe, Australia and most of Southeast Asia, and over 150,000,000 daily clicks.

Now NGames possesses not only the largest number of anime game users in the world, it is also the first choice that brings Chinese culture to North America. With rich channel resources and marketing experience in North America and via a rapid and stable growth.

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