Soul Seeker introduces new costumes and Guild Worship System in October update

soul seeker

Soul Seeker, Com2us’ mobile action RPG, has released its October update (Version 1.4.2) with the following additions:

Devil Siege Renewal:  The update will introduce new Awakened 7-Star Devils as bosses to the Devil Siege mode for more challenging and dynamic gameplay. Players will also enjoy improved item drops in this mode.

Guild Worship System:  Players can vote for other players to “worship” in this new system. Players who gain the most votes from their peers will be rewarded a major in-game prize, and the players who voted for them will also receive a smaller prize.

Transcended Dungeon Stage Added:  An additional stage will be added to the Transcended Dungeon where players can earn better rewards.

New Costumes:  New Halloween themed costumes will be available for five of the existing characters: Sion, Lana, Lagna, Deborah, and Lenia.

Continent in the Sky Region Unlocked:  The third region in the scenario mode, Ancient Forest, will be unlocked in this update.

Added Language Support:  Com2us is adding French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian languages to the global server.

Soul Seeker has reached over 20 million downloads worldwide since its global release in February 2015.

Version 1.4.2 of Soul Seeker is available now on App Store and Google Play.

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