Wreck’em Racing, will be releasing for iOS and Android on the 17th April 2014

Wreck’em Racing is a procedurally generated top-down 2D racing game. Track generation and oddball powers combine for an explosive top down driving experience. Choose from 9 oddball powers and four distinct chassis types to find that killer combo which perfectly complements your racing style.

You can choose to Race’em or Wreck’em, how will you win?


-Procedural generation, never race the same track twice.
-Oddball powers, from missiles to mole cars.
-Roadside traps, a fun way to wreck if you are racing.
-Missions, 40 missions to test your skill in-race.
-Challenge mode, 18 individual challenges.
-Car customisation, choose your look.

Ludobit, a brand new transparent indie start-up, is happy to share all details of the development process with the press, including indie start-up cost information should it be of interest.

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