FINAL FANTASY V arrives on PC today


Square Enix Ltd.,  publishers of SQUARE ENIX® interactive entertainment products in Europe and PAL territories, today announced that the classic tale of magic, monsters and friendship, FINAL FANTASY® V,  is now available on Steam for PC.

Embark on an epic adventure as heroes are driven together by fate: Bartz and his chocobo companion, Princess Lenna of Castle Tycoon, the mysterious Galuf, and the pirate captain Faris. Players will follow their four unlikely heroes as they embark on a journey to restore life to the world’s four elemental crystals, which are on the verge of destruction.

Features included in FINAL FANTASY V on PC:
·         Enhanced characters and graphics created by veteran character designer Kazuko Shibuya
·         Updated controls and a newly optimised active-time battle system for an even more fluid PC experience
·         A job and ability system featuring 26 unique classes that allows players to freely customise their heroes to fit their unique play style
·         The Sealed Temple, an additional dungeon originally featured in the 2006 version of FINAL FANTASY V for Game Boy® Advance
·         Enuo, an optional boss created by renowned designer Tetsuya Nomura
·         Full Steam trading cards and achievements

FINAL FANTASY V is now available on Steam for £10.99 / 14.49€ . To purchase now, visit:

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