PC-Horror Game ‘Lucius II: Prophecy’ Comingt to Consoles In November

lucius 2

Are You The Chosen One?

San Francisco, CA, October 12th 2015: developed by Shiver Games and published by UIG Entertainment, Lucius II: Prophecy is coming to major consoles in November, and is the official sequel to the notorious first chapter in the series, in which players get to experience true evil in an atmospheric 1970’s setting.


Lucius II: Prophecy offers the unique opportunity to play as Lucius, the son of the devil, with the task of wreaking havoc on everyone in your path. Taking the weak and punishing the wicked! The updated gameplay is vastly improved to add freedom, new twisted opportunities to sin, and includes more devastation than ever before. The story is a continuation from the original. This time, young boy Lucius emerges from the burning wreckage of his parents’ home as the lone survivor, unscathed by the flames and ready to repeat his ruthless slaughter. Taken to the psychiatric ward of St. Benedict’s Hospital by unsuspecting caretakers, whispers of an ominous prophecy emerges…

The game will release on major gaming consoles in November, and is currently available for PC via Steam™:

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