New Gameplay Video for Empyrean Rule Rise of the Ancients

Empyrean Rule Rise of the Ancients announces a new gameplay video of an underground battle where an expedition faces an ambush and presents the progress that has been made in the 3D battles layer of the game.

Empyrean Rule Rise of the Ancients is an online real time strategy game in a massive persistent open fantasy world, which combines two genres into one; 3D real time battles with fantasy units and empire management in a grand scale providing all the tools to the players to create player-driven stories.

Players assume the role of a General and create their armies choosing from a big variety of races. There are no racial restrictions when creating an army, which means that in a single army a player can have units and heroes from different races but not all races get along, so the player needs to be very careful when choosing units/heroes from different races. If for example an army has units from two races that hate each other, then penalties will be applied to the army’s morale and if those units fight close to each other, they may even charge each other! On the other hand, if an army is consisted of units strictly from one race, the army will receive bonuses.

Gameplay Video:

There are different types of units and heroes, such as Light Infantry, Heavy Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry, Engines, Flying units etc. Heroes are divided into casters and close combat experts. All units and Heroes have different stats and abilities and of course their own unique lore and progression. The battle itself has in-depth mechanics such as Fog of War, Morale, Flanks, Endurance, Weather Effects, Ground elevation, etc. There exist different battles modes, such as Single, CO-OP, PvP and different victory conditions such as Total Annihilation, Survive, Destroy or Protect a specific object, capture objectives etc.

Players can free roam with their armies and interact with the environment, such as cities, trading caravans, roaming AI armies, etc. Guilds can be formed and Guilds can conquer regions on the world map and start building their empire. This involves regional improvements, resources, production, diplomacy, trading, espionage, etc. The economy is player driven and it is affected by supply and demand as well as by the actions of the players (eg. Destroying trading caravans of a specific kingdom/Guild can cripple its economy). It is a world where every action of the player can and will affect the game world and politics forge its history through social interaction.

          Empyrean Rule will launch early April on Kickstarter with exclusive rewards.

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