War for the Overworld out now


Subterranean Games today has the pleasure to announce the full release of the indie studio’s first title, War for the Overworld. The devilishly addictive dungeon management sim is available now on Steam, with a special Underlord Edition available in stores thanks to leading PC publisher Sold Out.

Influenced directly by memorable classics such as Dungeon Keeper, Overlord and StarCraft, the game heads in a bold new direction for the strategy and god game genres, with a solid foundation supporting a polished veneer of new gameplay innovation.

Game Trailer:

As a malevolent Underlord in charge of sculpting and ruling their own particular version of hell, players must defend their nightmarish niches from the clutches of rival cantankerous caretakers, and take over other diabolic destinations in a bid to become ultimate ruler of the Overworld.

The Underlord Edition provides more content above and beyond the core game, for those who wish to wage the ultimate war of bloodthirstiness, including the soundtrack, digital artbook and two additional dungeon themes.

“We’re thrilled to finally release our vision of the ultimate modern dungeon strategy title to the world,” said Josh Bishop, Subterranean Games. “It’s been a long journey, but throughout we’ve had the amazing support of a dedicated community – not least those that banded together to help raise a whopping £210,000 on Kickstarter last year. I’m confident that we’re bringing everyone the awesome game that they deserve.”

“It’s clear that a huge amount of care and attention has gone into this awesome title, a sinful union of the best the strategy and god game genres have to offer, loaded with extra charm and innovation,” said James Cato, Sales Director at Sold Out. “We’ve been very happy working with the good people of Subterranean Games to bring the Underlord Edition to fruition, which is the most awesome way to raise the armies of hell and become the true ruler of the Overworld.”

War for the Overworld is available in a number of territories including the UK, Europe, Australia New Zealand & South Africa.

War for the Overworld is being distributed in these territories by Sold Out Sales & Marketing Limited.  For any physical sales inquiries, please contact:  sales@soldout.uk.com  or visit the website  www.soldout.uk.com

“War for the Overworld” is a registered trademark and copyright of Subterranean Games Ltd –www.subterraneangames.com

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