Wolf Fang Comes Howling to the PlayStation Network

Hokkaido, Japan – February 11, 2014 – MonkeyPaw Games, Inc. announced that Wolf Fang is available on the PlayStation Network starting today for $5.99 for PlayStation®3, PlayStationVita and PSP. Players looking for a bite of pure, authentic arcade action have plenty to sink their teeth into with the fourth Retro Rush title.

Wolf Fang’s roots trace all the way back to Japanese arcades and is the sequel to the 16-bit title Vapor Trail. Assemble a battle-ready mech to survive the relentless waves of enemies in this intense run-and-gun shooter.

Customization is a central feature in Wolf Fang with 12 parts to swap in and out. The mechs players create will handle and control differently based on the configuration chosen. That means players will be able to find a loadout that fits their playstyle to accomplish each of the game’s bullet packed missions.

Wolf Fang is part of the Retro Rush event from MonkeyPaw Games. MonkeyPaw is working toward releasing six PSone® titles on the PlayStation®Network in the first quarter of 2014. More information about the Retro Rush event can be found on the MonkeyPaw Games website at www.MonkeyPawGames.com/retro-rush/.


Wolf Fang Features:

  • Assemble a customized robot from parts you choose
  • A campaign to liberate Australia
  • 12 different endings

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